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Brian Bogen Enters Race For Washington Governor As A Nonpartisan Candidate

CLE ELUM, Wash. – Successful businessman and community volunteer Brian Bogen today announced he is running for governor of the State of Washington. Bogen is seeking the top executive job as a nonpartisan, without affiliation with a political party.

“I’ve spent my life working with people from all political affiliations, and what I’ve found is that we all want the same things – strong communities, good schools, a clean environment, and the opportunity for economic advancement for ourselves and our children,” Bogen said. “I hope to be remembered as somebody who was part of a team that got our state back on track for a sustainable future. I have had an good career and life in Washington, and I am concerned that will not exist for our kids. We need a middle ground – a common ground – to rebuild our foundation and uphold the shared values we hold so dear.”

Bogen was raised in Eugene, Ore., with a couple of exceptions based on his parents’ career moves. Both of his parents were educators at the University of Oregon, which instilled in him the value of a quality education for every student. His career has spanned finance, energy, and tackling important community issues, particularly restoring the salmon populations in Washington state. He also served as a city council member for the Town of Woodway, where he was first appointed and then elected to the office.

Bogen said he’s particularly concerned with the deeply fractured political system, which is focused on isolated positions and catering to the extremes of either political party, rather than what is good for the majority of the population. 

“Washingtonians are ready for a new way, a third option. I think people are ready for a collaborator who can solve problems and be a leader who doesn’t care who gets the credit,” Bogen said.

“We need to start governing for the majority in the middle while respecting the rights of everybody,” he said. “I’m not going to take office the first day with a my-way-or-the-highway approach. I will bring the best minds, diverse ideas, and innovative solutions to the table for debate to craft the best policies that move our state forward on the pressing issues of our day. If I can be part of that I will consider my efforts a success.” 


Brian Bogen is currently a Senior Advisor for Cascadia Capital in Seattle. He is an Eagle Scout and recipient of the Silver Beaver Award for distinguished service to the Chief Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and attended the Albers Graduate School of Business and Economics at Seattle University as well as the Senior Executive Program of Stanford University. Brian is a board member of the Chief Seattle Council and is a former board member of Long Live the Kings, a non-profit supporting wild salmon restoration and sustainable fishing. Brian and his wife Lisa split their time between Shoreline and Cle Elum and have three children: Danny, a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps; Lucy, a junior at the University of Oregon; and Shelby, who is a freshman at Oregon State University.

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