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Elections Professionals

  • Rose Ann Carroll
    Jefferson County Auditor
  • Vicky Dalton
    Spokane County Auditor
  • Thad Duvall
    Douglas County Auditor
  • Dolores Gilmore
    Kitsap County Auditor (fmr)
  • Shelly Johnston
    Lincoln County Auditor (fmr)
  • Joyce Kidd
    Pacific County Auditor
  • Liz Luce
    Clark County Auditor (fmr)
  • Sandy Perkins
    Skagit County Auditor
  • Jerry Pettit
    Kittitas County Auditor
  • Vern Spatz
    Grays Harbor County Auditor (fmr)
  • Walt Washington
    Kitsap County Auditor (fmr)
  • Jeanne Youngquist
    Skagit County Auditor (fmr)
  • Chris Thomas
    Grays Harbor County Auditor (fmr)

Elected Officials

  • Brian Baird
    United States Representative, WA-03 (fmr)
  • Brian Sonntag
    State Auditor (fmr)
  • Dan Grimm
    State Treasurer (fmr)
  • Brian Ebersole
    Speaker of the House (fmr), Tacoma Mayor (fmr)
  • T'wina Nobles
    State Senator
  • Yasmin Trudeau
    State Senator
  • Debbie Regala
    State Senator (fmr)
  • Emily Wicks
    State Representative
  • Betty Sue Morris
    State Representative (fmr)
  • Ruth Kari
    State Representative (fmr)
  • Derek Young
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Jani Hitchens
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Ryan Mello
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Marty Campbell
    Pierce County Councilmember
  • Meredith Green
    Kitsap County Treasurer
  • Carol Baarsma
    Kitsap County Assessor (fmr)
  • Alison Sonntag
    Kitsap County Clerk
  • Victoria Woodards
    Tacoma Mayor
  • Nancy Backus
    Auburn Mayor
  • Bruce Tabb
    Ellensburg Mayor (fmr)
  • John Powers
    Spokane Mayor (fmr)
  • Larry Seaquist
    State Representative (fmr)
  • Art Wang
    State Representative (fmr)
  • Clarence Moriwaki
    Bainbridge Island Deputy Mayor
  • Don Bonker
    United States Representative, WA-03 (fmr)

Elections Professionals

  • Shannon Cortez
    Deputy Director of Elections (fmr), Office of the Secretary of State
  • Ken Raske
    Assistant Secretary of State (fmr), Office of the Secretary of State
  • Shoona Riggs
    Clallam County Auditor
  • Greg Kimsey
    Clark County Audior
  • Carolyn Fundingsland
    Cowlitz County Auditor
  • McKenzie Lueck
    Garfield County Auditor
  • F. Milene Henley
    San Juan County Auditor
  • Nicci Bergseng
    Wahkiakum County Auditor
  • Diana Bradrick
    Whatcom County Auditor
  • Carolyn Weikel
    Snohomish County Auditor (fmr)
  • Bob Terwilliger
    Snohomish County Auditor (fmr)
  • Kristina Swanson
    Cowlitz County Auditor (fmr)
  • Patty Rosand
    Clallam County Auditor (fmr)
  • Shirley Forslof
    Whatcom County Auditor (fmr)

Elected Officials

  • Terry Bergeson
    Superintendent of Public Instruction (fmr)
  • Jeanette Daltan
    Superior Court Judge (fmr)
  • Paul Pastor
    Pierce County Sheriff (fmr)
  • Nadine Woodward
    Spokane Mayor
  • Jason Whalen
    Lakewood Mayor
  • Nancy Lillquist
    Ellensburg Mayor
  • Mike Crowley
    Tacoma Mayor (fmr)
  • Lynn Horton
    Bremerton Mayor (fmr)
  • MaryAlice Wallice
    Longview Mayor
  • Jill Guernsey
    Gig Harbor Mayor (fmr)
  • Kathy Hayden
    Sumner Mayor
  • Bill Pugh
    Sumner Mayor (fmr)
  • Helen McGovern-Pilant
    Lakewood Councilmember (fmr)
  • Ed Stern
    Poulsbo Councilmember
  • Glenn Johnson
    Pullman Mayor
  • Jennifer Robertson
    Belleuve City Councilmember
  • Kathy Turner
    Puyallup Mayor (fmr)
  • Jake Jacobson
    Mercer Island City Councilmember
  • MaryLou Pauly
    Issaquah Mayor
  • Vivian Olson
    Edmonds City Council President
  • Troy McCoy
    Battle Ground Councilmember
  • Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin
    Port Angeles City Councilmember
  • Conrad Lee
    Bellevue City Councilmember
  • Javier Figueroa
    University Place Mayor Pro Tem
  • Diana Wilhite
    Spokane Valley Mayor (fmr)
  • Frank Kirkbride
    Lacey Fire District #3 Fire Commissioner

Elections Professionals

  • Sam Reed
    Secretary of State (fmr)
  • Heidi Hunt
    Adams County Auditor
  • Brenda Chilton
    Benton County Auditor
  • Michele Jaderlund
    Grant County Auditor
  • Sheilah Crider
    Island County Auditor
  • Brenda Sorensen
    Klickitat County Auditor
  • Larry Grove
    Lewis County Auditor
  • Marianne Nichols
    Pend Oreille County Auditor
  • Robert Waymire
    Skamania County Auditor
  • Lori Larsen
    Stevens County Auditor
  • Karen Martin
    Walla Walla County Auditor
  • Sandy Jamison
    Whitman County Auditor
  • Gary Zandell
    Lewis County Auditor (fmr)
  • Skip Moore
    Chelan County Auditor
  • Charles Ross
    Yakima County Auditor

Elected Officials

  • Dan Evans
    Governor (fmr)
  • Rob McKenna
    Attorney General (fmr)
  • Jaime Herrera Beutler
    United States Representative, WA-03
  • Bruce Dammeier
    Pierce County Executive
  • Reagan Dunn
    King County Councilmember
  • Mary Kuney
    Spokane County Commissioner
  • Greg Zempel
    Kittitas County Prosecutor
  • Paul Harris
    State Representative
  • Toby Nixon
    Kirkland City Councilmember
  • Mike Crowley
    Tacoma Mayor (fmr)
  • Don Anderson
    Lakewood City Councilmember
  • Deanna Martinez
    Moses Lake City Councilmember
  • Matthew Lundh
    Cle Elum City Councilmember
  • Dick Muri
    Steilacoom Mayor
  • Bill Bryant
    Port of Seattle Commissioner (fmr)

Newspaper Editorial Boards

  • The News Tribune
    "She’s spent the last 12 years becoming one of the most respected elections supervisors in the state, and she’s exactly what the Secretary of State’s office needs for this moment in history."
    Read Endorsement
  • The Olympian
    "[Julie Anderson] has deeper expertise in elections — the marquee issue in this race — and we believe having a nonpartisan Secretary of State is the best way to make inroads into reassuring some segments of our state the integrity of our elections is being protected."
    Read Endorsement
  • Tri-City Herald
    "In the current political climate where misinformation is made worse by political parties amplifying extreme messages, Anderson would be seen as a neutral leader. ... She has over 40 election officials backing her from around the state, both Democrats and Republicans, including Benton County Auditor Brenda Chilton. ... But the greatest concern right now is ensuring there is faith in our election system, and having a nonpartisan official in charge of state elections would go a long way in bringing back trust in our process. ... We don’t doubt Anderson would also protect our election system, and we think her nonpartisan status is needed to help counter those who question the validity of election results.

Labor Unions

  • Pierce County Central Labor Council
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 483)
  • Tacoma Fire Fighters (IAFF Local 31)
  • West Pierce Firefighters (IAFF Local 1488)
  • International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers District Lodge 751
  • Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28
  • Teamsters 117
  • UFCW 3000

Community Groups

  • National Women's Political Caucus
  • South Sound Women's Leadership
  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility
  • FairVote Washington
  • Tacoma Pierce County Black Collective
  • Equality WA PAC
  • Seattle Pride (Rated 3.6 out of 4.0)
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  • J. Manny Santiago
  • Alice Philips
    Business Manager, IBEW Local 483
  • Lisa Wallace
    Vice Chair, Yakima Planning Commission
  • Olgy Diaz
    President, National Women's Political Caucus of Washington
  • Nathan Bowling
    Civic Leader & Educator
  • Andie Gernon
    Civic Leader
  • Ann Diamond
    Civic Leader
  • Georgia Lomax
    Executive Director, Pierce County Library System (fmr)
  • David Zeeck
    Civic Leader
  • Valarie Zeeck
    Civic Leader
  • Amber McReynolds
    Director of Elections in Denver, CO (fmr) & Nonpartisan National Elections Expert
  • Mike Vaska
    Board Chair, Mainstream Republicans of Washington (fmr)
  • Sinoun Hem
    Civic Leader
  • Melannie Denise Cunningham
    Peace Queen
  • Catherine Rudolph
    Civic Leader, Pierce County
  • Mark Mattke
    Civic Leader, Spokane County
  • Manual "Manny" Hochheimer
    Civic Leader, Spokane County
  • Mark Martinez
    Executive Secretary, Washington State Building & Construction Trades Council (fmr)
  • Steve Hall
    City Manager, Olympia (fmr)
  • Sal Mungia
    Chair of the Washington State Bar Association (fmr)

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