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Our shared values of safe communities, a responsible budget, a good education, and a clean environment aren’t partisan. These values unite us and are what we should expect our government to provide.  Once we have agreed on values and priorities, your Governor needs to be able to execute a plan to deliver them. Brian Bogen has the experience to run something as complex as state government and has collaborated with non-profits, environmental groups, and others to reach compromises on challenging issues, like salmon recovery.

Budget and Spending
We can craft a budget that aligns with our shared values while assessing the future impacts of the spending and measuring results along the way to course correct as needed.
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I support robust educational funding, but as a business owner and leader, I also believe in results. I would never advocate for cutting education funding, but we need to examine where we are spending taxpayer dollars and the outcomes we’re achieving.
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Everyone has a stake in a clean environment. I have been proud to work on salmon recovery efforts with Long Live The Kings and others to ensure a healthy environment that restores salmon runs. But as with all results-based policies, they must be measured.
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Public Safety
Public safety is at the core of strong communities that are great places to raise a family, own a business and build an economy that works for everyone. The top priority of government is the protection of its people.
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Before we continue down the road of doing what we always have with transportation budgeting, we need to set goals and make a plan to reach them to lessen congestion, create convenient options for Washingtonians to get where they need to be, and make a real dent in our carbon reduction goals.
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